The first rule, everyone is motivated. They can be motivated to do what you want, they could be motivated to do just enough to not lose what they have and some people are motivated to not do what you are asking.

Finding the motivation of your team and individuals.

Find their true why by asking tough questions like, “why do you choose to work here?” Or “what is the reason you come in everyday?” When you do this, be prepared to share your Why. It’s important that this tells a genuine story that aligns with your vision for the business or team. You also can do this with a team, this can be done by having the team either share their story with everyone. If you do set this up, setup a couple of ground rules.

  • It can’t be money, because you can make money in any job.
  • Answers also can’t include the people you work with. Most people make friends where they work.
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