Leaders use their authentic self to inspire others

Lead Genuinely

inTegrity Matters

As a leader there is nothing more important than trust. A title will help you earn it faster, betray it and you will lose it just as fast.


Leaders create opportunities for their team. This means inventing new ways to do things and paying attention to trends to keep their team ahead of the changes.

Platinum Rule

Treat other people how they want to be treated. Not everyone is you, learn who your people are and how they learn.

Listen to learn

Be an ear and let your people drive the conversation. If you are speaking more that your people, you are not listening as a leader. Look for understanding, not for how to respond.

Being Authentic

Recently, I attended a conference and the word authentic was used fairly frequently. The more it was used, the more it made an impact on me. I was thinking, what does it mean to be

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Celebrate Small Victories

One of the most important thing to do when leading a team is celebrating wins, no matter how small. Positivity is contagious, so a few small victory can turn into a large one down the

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Joe Louison

Genuine Leader

As a father of five, he has to be a leader to mold their minds and spirits to be great people. While children don’t always mean great leadership, it sure does help. Leading people has been a natural progression. Joe learned from the role model of a caring leader who knew his people and earned their following, like his father. From that tutelage he in turn is the type of leader with his family and the teams of people he has the opportunity to work with.

Authentic Leader

Joe has lead high performing teams in both Sales and technical proficiency for more than a decade. His mindset is that he works for his direct reports, if you take care of your people, they will do their best for themselves, the team and the organization.